These are sweaters for the sweaterweather, maybe also for the blowingyouaway storm and can even keep up with the keepingit cold. These are the true to you and to your size sweaters. Get warm.

A message from the artist

Look around in this consumer world and you will be flashed by people wearing nothing but a brandname. Are we what we wear?


But who are we? Who are you?Where do you stand for? Are you chasing your desires, or following the beaten track? Are you the one in controle? Be bold, be rad, be crazy, crazy wild for some fire.


 I found my spark in each of you. Do you dare to be one of a kind? Can you be the problem and take the blame? I dare you to climb in a different frame. Can you pull off this handmade? Or will you just keep walking in a mass-produced brandname? Show yourself. Celebrate uniqueness and unite in diversity.


Looking from a close distance,




© Roos Dessing - 2017